Kim Evans - Speaker at Powerhouse Summit - 2023 Women's Conference

Kim Evans

Wedding Photographer, Owner of

About Kim Evans

Award-winning designer Kimberley Evans has been a leader in the wedding industry for almost 20 years. A passionate entrepreneur and educator, she has created out-of-the-box brands such as Pop Up Weddings by Lovely Weddings and the I Do Box, an inclusive wedding subscription box. She is a proud mom to her two boys and married to the love of her life, Gary, with whom she travels the world. 

Listen to why you should join my class

Kim’s Class

Oh hi my name’s Kim Evans and I’m here to tell all of you at the PowerHouse Summit. Why you’re going to want to attend my breakout session as the founder of the IU box? I’ve mastered product sourcing from all over the world, I feel comfortable using product and Merchandising jargon in everyday life. WOW, I wonder what the lead time and wholesale pricing is for this. I’m able to recall hundreds of important product details at the drop of a hat. Why? yes Reese I can DDP shipping is delivering to be paid means you won’t have any extra charges when your order arrives at your door and that’s why you should attend my class and you too can learn to master merchandising by creating sourcing and selling

2023 Takeaways

Here are a few things you can plan to take away from your time with Kim Evans at Powerhouse Summit 2023:

Mastering Merchandising 

  • Where to start when you want to add a product 
  • Learn how to source a product for your business 
  • Decide which platform is best for you 
  • A clear roadmap to adding a product to your business

Ways to Connect

If you want to learn more about Kim Evans or connect with her directly, here are a few ways to do that: