Powerhouse Summit

Colorado’s Largest

Professional Women’s Conference

Held At Colorado Mesa University
Grand Junction, Colorado
September 28-29, 2023

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New Mindsets, Food Trucks, Riveting Content, Transformations….
That’s a Powerhouse Summit.


It’s time to celebrate and honor the fact that we are KILLING IT. More leaders in the workplace, business owners, and entrepreneurs are WOMEN. Let’s keep the movement going in a healthy and sustainable fashion.


So many outside factors weigh on us. Pressure from family, friends, society, industry standards… We will discuss topics that get to the heart of our inner selves. You will probably squirm a bit, but it’s okay. You will be stronger on the other side.


It’s hard walking the line when we are driving towards professional success. It’s time to cut through all the noise and take control of our path. Define it, create it, and run.


Personally and Professionally

Choose From Topics Like:

  • How to Level Up Your Business and Professional Skills
  • Growing Personally and Emotionally
  • Overcoming Financial Issues

Check out the full schedule of topics, here:


Prepare yourself. The Powerhouse Summit is intended to make you squirm. Maybe sweat a little. But all in the name of pushing yourself toward great things. Speakers from around the world and local will present topics that resonate deeply. No politics. No industry specifics. All classes are meant to be lasting no matter where you are or where you are heading. Come with an open mind ready to grow.

Our Content is UNMATCHED

Featuring more than 20 speakers, both national and international. Check out our speakers, here:


This isn’t a networking event. This is designed to give you new tools and mindsets to help you overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and find the sweet spot between your professional and personal lives. Great for the individual attendee or as a team to build your company’s strength. Let us help you on your path toward reaching your TRUE POTENTIAL.


Food and fun are a MUST at Powerhouse Summit.

Food Trucks on the Plaza

Dinner on the Terrace

Morning Jumpstarts


WHO DOESNT WANT TO BE MORE PROFITABLE?! Making money is NOT the same thing as being profitable. Jessica will walk you through the FOUR PILLARS OF PROFIT. KEY to helping any business venture you have healthier and more beneficial.For Jessicas bio and info, along with tickets :
Success... what does that EVEN MEAN?! Have you ever thought about the FACADE OF SUCCESS? How we mold our actions based on what we THINK it should look like? Instead of forming it around our needs, wants and values....
Well join Chantel for the chance to start yourself on a healthier journey towards YOUR TRUE SUCCESS.For tickets and more info on Chantel: Powerhousesummit.com
It’s the BEST way to experience the Powerhouse Summit!
For only $79 you get these three bonus events: the Revolution Roundtable Discussion on “ENOUGH”, hosted by @revofyou on Sept 27th at 7pm as a precon session. Network and mingle at the VIP DINNER on the terrace Sept 28th at 7:30pm.  Start day 2 off right with the MORNING JUMPSTART session, grow with @aziaranea while you enjoy breakfast by @nibbles_and_sips_ and mimosa (or Mary’s). And to finish we will buy you your first drink at the closing party! We are thankful for @nicolefarabeehomes for being our VIP EVENT SPONSOR! If you already have your ticket, email us to upgrade… still need tickets?! Get your GA and upgrade at powerhousesummit.com
Sometimes you need to SLOW IT DOWN!
Becky is our opening KEYNOTE speaker on day 2! She is going to help us all identify the HAZZARD OF HURRY and ways to improve our approach to a "busy" life.
Check out her full bio at: Powerhousesummit.com
FIGHT FORWARD! Life can throw terrible road blocks at you, but its what you choose to do from there that matters! Join Blanca for an amazing story of overcoming events that would derail most people's lives for good.
(oh and make sure you stop by her booth at lunch to grab some of her amazing candies and goodies from her shoppe!)
We are SO VERY thankful for our sponsors. They help make this all possible!
Our closing keynote speaker is here to end this shindig with a strong, powerful, heavy hitting topic that ALL of us need to hear. @caseydittmer is a creative entrepreneur with over 25 years of hard lessons, missteps and pain points and funny stories that provide a TON of insight on ways to improve quality of life as a professionally driven woman. Join her session for an unfiltered, honest discussion about shame, guilt, fear and all those little gremlins that sabotage us and tools to reign them in.