Casey Dittmer - Speaker at Powerhouse Summit - 2023 Women's Conference

Casey Dittmer

Photographer, Mentor, Motivational Speaker

About Casey Dittmer

With Experiences of building a multi-million dollar company and being an industry leader, she travels the world teaching and inspiring others to find their creative voice as well as their OWN business path. 

Listen to why you should join my class

Casey’s Class

All right I know what you’re thinking this class is at the end of the day it’s when your brain is melting out through your ears it’s been two full days of jam-packed content and you’re over it you just want to get to the closing party, you want to have fun, let loose this is the last thing you want to do, but I’m here to tell you that you really really need to pay attention and attend this class.

You might have a preconceived idea of what you think this is about. I’m here to tell you that living in the land of no – what just happened let’s try that again living in the land of no – all right fine we’re just gonna go with it, is not about not caring at all it’s not about doing whatever you want and who cares I’m my own person you’re cold and callous that’s not what this is.

This is about understanding that there is a threshold that you should carry and that you should care sometimes we overburden ourselves with thinking that everybody’s pain is my pain, everybody’s objections everybody’s issues are mine and that I have to devote and give a heavy allocation of my energy to those things and this is about understanding that there’s a threshold not not caring but caring in the appropriate amount about the things that deserve your energy deserve your thought and deserve your time so that you can devote your energy and focus into what matters for you your family your business and your path forward so join me let’s go to the land of no well you know where together.

2023 Takeaways

Here are a few things you can plan to take away from your time with Casey Dittmer at Powerhouse Summit 2023:

Living in the land of NO FUCKS. 

  • Learn the difference between caring and over-caring.
  • Take back the energy wasted on unnecessary worry.
  • Find power in switching from “fuck you” mode to “fuck it” mode.
  • Overcome the guilt and shame we feel when we make OURSELVES a priority.
  • This class is perfect for women who are ready to take control and move forward on what they wantand need in their professional and personal lives.

Ways to Connect

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