Blanca Lerma - Speaker at Powerhouse Summit - 2023 Women's Conference

Blanca Lerma

Successful entrepreneur, a loving wife and mother, and a dedicated student

About Blanca Lerma

I am a Mexican entrepreneur who started making homemade chamoy sauce as a hobby during the pandemic. The demand for my product grew so high that it turned into a small family-owned business. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in business with a focus on entrepreneurship to help my business grow. 

I have not always had a smooth journey. At 19 years old, I experienced a traumatic event that felt like chaos would never end. I had to learn to be a mom to not only my son but also my 15-year-old brother. However, I decided to control my own destiny and overcome the challenges I faced. I am here to tell you that we can all overcome what life throws at us and become successful women. 

Listen to why you should join my class

Blanca’s Class

Hey guys my name is Blanca and I am the owner of Babosa Candy and I am also one of your guys’s speakers at this year at the PowerHouse Summit I am so excited for this opportunity.

Come learn a little bit about me but mostly come learn how a dramatic experience can change your life completely. Let me tell you how you can change your life as well don’t think just because you’ve made a mistake in life or somebody else made a mistake that your life has to go down trust me take it from a person that has been through some crazy stuff.

I just want to share my story with you and let you know that everything is literally possible. I am the owner of Babosa Candy so I do make tamales so let me tell you how a hobby went to literally a business because I wanted to do something with myself I am a Latina and also an entrepreneur but don’t forget that this is also about you this is also how you can learn how to make all your dreams come true and that you can also fight for whatever you want to be alive and remember you have that power.

2023 Takeaways

Here are a few things you can plan to take away from your time with Blanca Lerma at Powerhouse Summit 2023:

Overcoming Chaos: Fighting forward and controlling your destiny

  • How to not let your past define you.
  • Obstacles make you tougher.
  • Let your true self be known, regardless of stereotypes.
  • Don’t be ashamed of failure. 

Ways to Connect

If you want to learn more about Blanca Lerma or connect with her directly, here are a few ways to do that: